The Amazing Five Fire Ponies

Adobe Challenge 2017 - Perception

Completed with three other teammates. 


Visual interpretation + mood creation of the music.
Music sampled: Howie Lee - Bankers.


This is about me.

Hospital Meal

When you can't see you get lost in your thoughts.


Dialogue practice, voice from Rudy.

Gold Fish

A gold fish I once threw away in my dream.

Welcome to Raiko and Lizzie Talk Show [On Air 01]

The stand up talk show with Raiko the ink man, and Lizzie the deer lady. Raiko has got a new girlfriend Ellie.

Ellie's voice clip from Nichijou.

Fox's eye

Through fox's eye you were chased by your shadows, you cannot escape your past. 

And we all know you hate your past...

Who doesn't wish to turn back time? 

And we all know you hate your past....Yet you are still trapped in it. 
May you never escape from it, for it also is what made you are stronger in the present.

A memory of Robin the Rabbit, told by ?.


A little present for a friend.

Let's dance, dance, dance!

Who wouldn't fancy a little dance to brighten up ourselves?
After all, why need a heart when we have got arms and legs?!

(Music is All That Jazz from Chicago the Musical)

First lip-sync animation, Rough

First lip-sync animation, Rough

Rudy's line from the Misfits. Performed by a friend. Animated in Vegas. 


Comsumption piece for Blink. 

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